Annie Sloan Buch - "Workbook"

Annie Sloan Buch - "Workbook"

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Annie Sloan Buch - "Workbook"
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Annie Sloan Book - "Workbook"


For Your Colour & Paint Ideas & Inspiration 

Text by by Annie Sloan...

When I first went to Art School, I was encouraged to keep a sketchbook. This was not just for sketching but also highly useful as a way of developing a visual voice and language. I used my sketchbooks to collect colours, pieces ripped from magazines and pattern making. I still do.

Use my Work Book in the same way -- as an 'aide-memoire'. Plan the colour palettes of a room, work out a piece of furniture, and draw little sketches. You can use the pockets to collect ribbons, fabric pieces and cuttings from magazines. Experiment with colour combinations making your own mixes.

The Annie Sloan Work Book is exclusively available through my network of stockists. You won't find it anywhere else! Contact your nearest stockist to get your copy.

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